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Send one email that nurtures AND sells, using conditional content

In the past decade of email sending, I've learned a trick or two. None are as impactful as the ability to send ONE email, and have personalized content inside for people who HAVE purchased/signed up for something, and content for people who haven't. The jargon term for this is "conditional content" and it's amazing. 😍 I'm going to show you below how to use conditional content in ConvertKit, and in ActiveCampaign. Mailchimp and MailerLite also have this feature, although they call it "dynamic ...

A Simple Sales Flow

Want something simple, that helps get your paid offers in front of more people? I have ALL the ideas, using MemberVault as your sales flywheel. And here's a simple sales flow, no funnel emails required, that I used to launch my new Emails I'm Sending newsletter + products. Let's get right to it! You can try this out, using MemberVault, with any of your existing products. Not using MemberVault yet? No worries (although I obviously highly recommend it!), you can likely do something similar ...


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