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Beyond the Welcome Email

Ready to boost your sales, and create some really supportive content for your new subscribers? 🙌

From day 1 is an excellent time to introduce your new subscriber into your ecosystem of support and offers. They're excited, you're excited...no sense in waiting, but how how to make the most of that excitement? 🧐 

This tiny, focused resource will give you exactly what you need to take action quickly.

👉 I've included a welcome email template, juuuust in case you don't have one yet for your opt in/freebie (or you want inspiration on maybe adding some pizzazz)

👉 The strategy and email template for you to use for at least the next 4-6 weeks after someone subscribes (and I also share my thoughts on welcome sequences, and whether you need one)

👉 BONUS: I'm including a sales booster strategy that is something you can set and forget as an automated email. And it will be so supportive for your prospective buyers AND will help more of them convert to actual buyers! Win/win. 

If you have any questions about any of the above, reach out to erin@emailsimsending.com. 

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