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A Simple Sales Flow


Want something simple, that helps get your paid offers in front of more people? I have ALL the ideas, using MemberVault as your sales flywheel. And here's a simple sales flow, no funnel emails required, that I used to launch my new Emails I'm Sending newsletter + products.

Let's get right to it! You can try this out, using MemberVault, with any of your existing products. Not using MemberVault yet? No worries (although I obviously highly recommend it!), you can likely do something similar using the thank you page of your landing or sales page tool. 


1 Entry Point - Free or low cost product

1 Upsell - Paid product with a topic that overlaps or relates to the free/low cost product


In the below example, I have a $9 paid offer that I'm offering as an incentive to the first 500 people that sign up for my brand new Emails I'm Sending newsletter.

New subscribers get the direct link to sign up for the $9 paid offer (with the coupon built into it), inside the welcome email that I send to new subscribers. Side note: I launched this $9 offer as part of Lizzy Goddard's Low Ticket Live event, and definitely recommend her trainings. You can see Lizzy's $9 offer training, and other awesomeness here. <-- aff link bc I think she's great, and will be sharing her a lot!

See a screenshot of the welcome email I send with the $9 link + coupon below.

K, so they click on that "Oh hey! You get this for free!" link, with the coupon code built into it and it pops them right over to the checkout for that $9 offer (this is a handy option inside MemberVault, and decreases the amount of "*ack* I didn't use the coupon code!" customer service that you have to deal with). Plus, it's just a slick customer experience, which is always appreciated. 

For giggles, I'm including the straight product view below, so you can see the simple sales copy for this product (called promo text in MemberVault lingo)

And then below is a screenshot of the purchase slide out with the coupon already applied. Taking the paid product from $9 to zero (which is a great instant "high value" vs just giving it to them via webhook...plus, they wouldn't see your upsell then!). So in this case, by giving a paid offer for free, you've incentivized someone to join your email list, and that's where the strategy ends for most people. They plan to send some sales emails in the future, or perhaps they have a welcome sequence with sales links in it. 

But there's nothing for this immediate "I like you so much, I signed up for your email list/opt in!" moment. And that's a mistake because it's a key purchase moment for people.

Keep scrolling for the "sales" part of this simple sales flow. 🙃

The below screenshot is the thank you message shown after someone signs up/purchases a MemberVault product.

Most people, including myself in the past, leave this area pretty blank. But for this simple sales flow, we're going to give them an opportunity to buy more support and/or resources, while they're excited about getting a deal and joining your list. That is our upsell. <-- remember, this is a key purchase moment for people when they are more likely to buy...don't waste the opportunity!

In this case, I added some sales copy tying in why my upsell, Year of Emails, would be a good fit for them, and included the product image for Year of Emails as well on the thank you page....

Annnnd, when people click over to check out my upsell offer, they'll also see an order bump that increases the content/delivery value for them and the purchase value for me.

The majority of purchases so far have been for both the upsell and the order bump. Remember, an upsell is an offer you give people after they sign up for something else, and an order bump is something complimentary to the main paid offer people can add on, alongside the main paid offer, to increase convenience/value/information/etc. 

Pro tip: You can set an order bump up for any of your MemberVault paid products by adding additional purchase options, and clearly name them. This works best for products that don't have payment plans, as it can start to clutter things up! 

So far, as of writing this, I've had 194 join my email list, 118 have taken me up on the 100% off my $9 offer (which has led to a bunch of email replies and engagement from them going thru that offer) and 9 have purchased the upsell, most with the order bump included.

Pro tip: always create a test coupon right before you're ready to start promoting a new paid product, and then use it yourself so that you can get the full experience your buyers will as they go thru your flows. See mine as the first/bottom purchase in the above screenshot.

Alright! This simple sales flow is just ONE way to get your offers in front of people, and it's especially great for new or invisible offers that complement your flagship paid offers. I'll be starting to promote and share Year of Emails in other, more promotional and public ways as I get closer to the content unlocking on Monday, August 28th...so this is just the start of my slow roll sales efforts. 

Like this idea, and using MemberVault but worried you'll get stuck making it happen? I get it. 

That’s why I created an Action Lab to walk you thru, including a private podcast feed to get my strategic brain in your ears! 

Check it out here: https://www.mvlearn.co/nosalesemails


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