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Rewind over a decade ago, and I was jokingly called "THE Erin Kelly" in my job at Disney Publishing in NYC. Why was I office-famous? I was the one who sent the intra-office emails. 📧 Fast forward 10 years, and I've leveraged sending email as a skillset to support top entrepreneurs back in my online business manager days, and grown MemberVault to 7-figures using...you guessed it. Email! 

Whether you love social media, or hate it -- email is THE sales powerhouse tool. You have more control, more options and you don't have to worry about a fickle algorithm. 😅

And I'm here to show you how to send better, smarter emails that increase your sales with zero spam or ick factor. 

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From day 1 is an excellent time to introduce your new subscriber into your ecosystem of support and offers. They're excited, you're excited...no sense in waiting, but how how to make the most of that excitement? 🧐 This tiny, focused resource will give you exactly what you need to take action quickly.

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